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AMV: An Epic Tale of Frienship, Adventure, Espionage, and Batman

Book I: Dramatis Personae

The Golden Trio:


Met through fuckyou_batman, chatted for 18 consecutive hours once. Abby was on vacation and stole wifi from her neighbors by crouching in the bushes. She got mosquito bites.

The Expanded Cast:

Chelsea: Joined as Lex with some encouragement from her BFF (me!).

itsras_al_ghul: I don't remember her name, but she was sweet and awesome.

James: RPed as mastahwayne ("as straight as a racetrack that's been straightened out") before joining AMV officially.

Maim: Joined as the Joker after the original trollper Joker (shejoker) left.

Mc: Initially interacted with us on her personal LJ, mcbat. Later joined as theactionace.

Sid (sidhefaer): Joined as Harley, later added Tony but kept her identity a secret.

Stephen: Briefly played the Riddler, loved canon Two-Face. Lived in Kansas.

Susannah AKA top_hatted_girl: May or may not have played Ra's. All we can remember is that we loved her.

Undersea: Freeze! Queen of puns and hilarious manips.

The Next Generation:

Amy: Mod at batman_lulz, joined as Clone Crane (Jon).

Dana: Joined as Ivy, also notably played Rorschach. Hrm.

Jules: A Harvey roleplayer at batman_lulz. Interacted with my Harvey and became integrated into AMV as Nick, an actor who pretended to be Harvey. Also played Rachel Dawes and James Bond, most notably.

Maggie (Mags): Joined as Hush, also played Huntress.

The Agents of Choas (agents_of_chaos): a rival group of trollpers attacking Batman communities. Slightly scary.
azelmaroark: Loved us and did some write-ups on us in her journal. She called us a "sparkly crack RP" that walks the line between OOC and scarily IC.
destinyawakened: Loved us, made music videos of several AMV pairings (Dent/Crane and Bruce/Tony).
Kit: Frequented batman_lulz, both loved and hated us.
Moon (iamstillthemoon): Loved Christina Aguilera, hated us. Co-created fyfy_fyb (Fuck You Fuck You Fuck You Batman).
Zeromako: Took Bruce under her wing, loved to engage trollpers in fuckyou_batman.

Book II: The Setting

fuckyou_batman: The community that started it all.
fuckyou_fyb: The first (heavily-guarded) base of operations. Known to contain pictures of llamas and RP-related manips/fanmixes.
allmyvillains: The eventual spin-off community for RPing.
agreaterevil_08: The community where we staged an election (Lex/Harvey vs Joker/Scarecrow vs Bandface Pig) to coincide with the actual 2008 presidential election. Banface Pig won on a technicality and then was eaten by the Joker. Mc gave a touching portrayal of the tragic ham.
thedailybugle: Remember that time we created a team of reporters under Sid's Jonah Jameson? That happened here.
thegothamtimes: Eventually created by Mags for posting articles about AMV events.
jokersforjesus: Abby and I's first collaboration. A community created to mock the "lesbians for Joker" movement. ("Looking to reconcile your love of God with your love of the Joker????")
thepillowfort: The second OOC community and base of operations, following The Great Schism.
todosmisheroes: The English-language Spanish soap opera community for AUs.
tpf_fial: The community Amy, Mags, and Dana used when we turned them down for entry into thepillowfort.
why_soo_serious: The very first trolling occurred here.The culprits: darkflame88 (Abby), ledgerlover (Liz), and bellaxxswan (Surge). Editor's note: Wow, this community deserved so much trolling. I'm saying that now as a mature, adult person.

Early trolling that occurred here:
Abby's Epic Fic: Teh Night ("I'm Bruce Wayne I always have lube")
Liz's Joker/Rachel Fanmix: Tear You Apart (with art!)
Liz's Joker Fanart (best comments are at xwhysoseriousx)
Surge's Icon Dump

Book III: Timeline of Major Events

July 18th, 2008: The Dark Knight opens in theaters everywhere. Chelsea and Liz attend the midnight premiere together.
July 30th, 2008: Surge creates fuckyou_batman, mostly in response to Joker fangirls romanticizing the character and posting fanworks that many thought to be of dubious quality.
August 18th, 2008: The first trollper chat occurs, between itsharveytwoface, poisonpamela, and itsthescarecrow. I think there was just a lot of fear toxin and capslock (and possibly a threesome) involved.
August 19th, 2008: Abby, Liz, Surge et al. ban everyone from batmanholyland, the off-topic FYB community. fuckyou_fyb is created.
August 25th, 2008: allmyvillains is created by undersea for para-style RPing.
September 21, 2008: agreaterevil_08 is created by Maim for the fake Joker/Crane vs Lex/Harvey (later Harvey/Nick) vs Banface Pig/jordan_williams presidential election. Members of batman_lulz are heavily involved in the proceedings.
October 15th, 2008: The Great Schism occurs. Abby and Surge depart the RP. Crane and Ivy commit joint suicide.
October 17th, 2008: thepillowfort is created as a new base of operations.
October 25th, 2008: Mags (magda_lena) creates thegothamtimes for RP-related news.
November 5th, 2008: Mags, Dana, and Amy are denied entry into thepillowfort by a vote. They create tpf_fial, so named because they failed to get into thepillowfort. This becomes the new base of operations between existing AMV members and the "new fags."
February 10th, 2009: AMV becomes a formal RP with rules and an application. Applicants are approved/denied by vote of existing members.
December 1st, 2009: allmyvillains closes its doors. Most of the remaining players contribute biographies and alternate endings in a final goodbye post.

Book IV: Aftermath and Continuing Legacy

  • James and Mc were the first AMVers to meet IRL. Exact date unknown.

  • Liz and Chelsea forever cemented their friendship and remain best friends to this day. They still consider AMV to be their greatest internet accomplishment. They saw The Dark Knight Rises together on opening day at midnight, thus continuing the tradition.

  • Sid and Mc met in New York at one point. They remain friends on Tumblr. Sid went on to become a BNF in the Hannibal fandom, where her art, fanmixes, and meta continue to earn well-deserved attention and admiration. Mc has explored a mind-blowing range of artistic mediums and posts about them on her Tumblr.

  • Liz and Abby reunited on May 5th, 2010 when they agreed to start a Glee RP together. That RP was limalosers. James later joined as Terri Schuester and proceeded to have bizarre chemistry with Jesse. Liz and Abby eventually flounced from limalosers and were subsequently accused of "abandoning their children on the steps of an orphanage" by the remaining players. Since then, Liz and Abby have joined countless RPs together and co-modded at least four. Sid and Chelsea joined their Inception RP (builtourworld), which showed great promise but never materialized. Liz and Abby have also shared a love of St. Berry, Jonathan Groff, Community, and a deep, burning hatred of Glee.

  • Chelsea, James, Abby, Sid, and Liz all joined the briefly-lived ontdhp, modded by Surge.

Book V: Glossary

Banface: A nickname for this emoticon: ">:|". So named because repeated use of the emoticon would result in temporary banning from an AIM chatroom.
Capslock is cruise control for cool: Self-explanatory.
Fial: An intentional misspelling of "fail." Source unknown.
Fuck of: At first a typo of Liz's, later used for mockery.
Henching: A group activity involving repeated use of the phrase "hench hench hench" in an AIM chatroom.
James: First name Robert, nicknamed James because he was spying on iamstillthemoon when she friended his regular journal. This was seen as James Bond-like behavior.
Jordan Williams: A student at Indiana University circa 2008. Became a mythic figure when his Gender & Sexuality homework ended up in Chelsea's hands.
I'm Bruce Wayne I always have lube: See Abby's fic.
Lrn2investig8: A condescending term used in reference to someone making unsubstantiated claims. Likely originated when Abby, Liz, and Surge were pretending to be bad Batman fic writers.
Mcbadass: Mc's nickname when she was doing something particularly badass. Inspired many derivatives ("Mcsexy, etc.).
Raver colors: Refers to a particular font setting in AIM. Example:
UR MEEN: Originated with Abby responding to criticisms of her Bruce/Joker fic.

That's everything I could remember/dig up. If you can think of anything else, please let me know or add it in the comments.
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