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26 July 1989
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l i z . leo. twenty-one. american. hoosier. college student. christian. republican. pro-life. fangirl. obsessive-compulsive. perfectionist. moody. brown hair. blue eyes.
loves. performing arts. reading. japanese class. computer graphics. web design. television. house, m.d. buffy the vampire slayer. angel. blackadder. avatar: the last airbender. the mentalist. hana yori dango. movies. red eye. the phantom of the opera. the ring. the village. marie antoinette. harry potter. the corpse bride. chicago. kung pow: enter the fist. blades of glory. the dark knight. labyrinth. the other boleyn girl. sweeney todd. music. the killers. evanescence. nickelback. maroon 5. john mayer. coldplay. damien rice. depeche mode. dirt poor robins. fall out boy. the fray. garbage. goo goo dolls. matchbox twenty. showtunes. the phantom of the opera. wicked. chicago. sweeney todd. avenue q. jekyll and hyde.
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American Psycho, by Bret Easton Ellis
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